The Great Game
Waterloo Replayed

University of Glasgow, Kelvin Gallery
June 15 - June 16, 2019


The Charity

Waterloo Uncovered is a registered UK charity that combines a world-class archaeology project on the battlefield of Waterloo with a support program for veterans and the military community. Working in partnership with some of Europe’s top universities, including the University of Glasgow, which will be hosting The Great Game, and through the unique perspective of a team comprised of archaeologists, historians, students, veterans, and serving soldiers, Waterloo Uncovered aims to understand war and its impact on people — and to educate the public about it.

The military community is at the heart of Waterloo Uncovered’s DNA, and military participants bring their unique perspective, skills, and experience to help the archaeology. In return, they get to learn new skills, have new experiences and support in the issues they are facing (recovery, transition, welfare, and more).

Archaeology has been proven to help recovery from injury. A multifaceted discipline, it offers opportunities to everyone no matter their ability or injury. In particular, it is very helpful to those who suffer or suffered from PTSD. The work not only provides interest and focus but is also meditative. Its outdoors and team-based nature is particularly appealing to soldiers, and the chance to do work that will be appreciated and seen by the public makes it even more rewarding.

What is more, archaeology offers a real vocational experience; a number of those from the excavations have carried on with archaeology or have been inspired (back) into education. All who participate achieve something and play their part in uncovering some new and unique history.


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