Sponsorship Opportunities

The Great Game has a range of sponsorship packages on offer for any company or individual who wishes to support the week-end, associate their brand with The Great Game: Waterloo Replayed, or help the Waterloo Uncovered charity and their work. It might be a regimental association of a regiment represented at Waterloo; it might be an individual who has a friend playing in the battle or it might be a corporate with a brand to promote.

The Great Game will attract considerable media attention and will be an attractive vehicle for any company that wants to associate itself with this innovative attempt on a gaming world record, military history, archaeology and support for serving service personnel and veterans, as epitomised by the values of Waterloo Uncovered.

Firstly, there will be a JustGiving page which we hope will allow individuals to sponsor their friends and relatives playing in the game. Those who support the aims of Waterloo Uncovered, and Regimental Associations who are proud of their Waterloo associations.
Secondly, we are looking for a Naming Lead Sponsor (£10k), who will lend their name to the game, and for whom we will build a bespoke sponsorship package around.

This will include:

* Exclusive press release announcing sponsorship of the game
* Sponsor’s name and logo prominently displayed
* Extensive publicity via traditional and social media platforms
* A guided tour of the game as it unfolds for up to 10 people
* Opportunity to meet participants, and experts in both archaeology and military history
* VIP package for social event on Saturday evening at the University of Glasgow
* Tickets for the year-end Waterloo Uncovered event in London

Thirdly, we are looking for Supporting Sponsors who will enjoy an association with The Great Game. This includes sponsorship in kind from those in the military history, wargaming and modelling fields.

This will entail:

* Name to appear on all press and media statements, event literature, database blasts, promotional activity and to be displayed at The Great Game.
* Publicity via traditional and social media platforms pre and post event.
* Free admittance to the event for four people.
* Promotion of any goods or items used in The Great Game.

Our Sponsors

Deep Blue Sea Training - These are the guys who have kindly donated their time to develop and maintain this website for us. They are an RYA Accredited Training School based in Palma de Mallorca who offer a range of sailing and powerboat training courses and they have a keen interest to work with veterans and military personel.

Warlord Games - Warlord Games have been very supportive as a sponsor to 'The Great Game: Waterloo Replayed' in a wide range of ways. They are designers, manufacturers and distributors of finely detailed 28mm miniatures in plastic, metal and resin. Their backing is very much appreciated.

Black Powder - Black Powder is a 28mm historical tabletop wargame, developed by Warlord Games, and set during the horse & musket period. In particular, 'The Great Game: Waterloo Replayed' is using the Black Powder rule set, which is used internationally for Napoleonic wargaming. It is very helpful that one of the Black Powder supplements covers The Hundred Days campaign of 1815 in detail.

Coat D'Arms - Coat D'Arms are suppliers of high quality paints for model makers and wargamers.

Eagle Figures - Eagle Figures is a specialist in 28mm Napoleonic and Seven Years War Figures.

Warbases - Warbases stock everything from MDF bases, carrying trays, and buildings to gaming accessories, acrylic tokens and their own range of figurines. They also offer a bespoke service for that unique piece, such as a Great Game casualty marker, that will make your gaming table complete.

Don't Walk - Don't Walk are a creative partnership—specialising in design. On the run up to our project launch they've provided consultancy, supplier recommendations and graphic design services to Waterloo Replayed.

Sponsorship Contacts

Midge Spencer


Midge is a veteran Warrant Officer from The Royal Army Medical Corps who has a keen interest in Waterloo Uncovered and what they are achieving as a charity.

Tel: +44 7703 799267

Email: midgespencer@waterlooreplayed.com

Midge Spencer

Tony Pollard


Tony Pollard is Professor of Conflict Archaeology and History, and Director of the Centre for Battlefield Archaeology, at the University of Glasgow.

Tel: tbc

Email: tonypollard@waterlooreplayed.com


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