The Great Game
Waterloo Replayed

University of Glasgow, Kelvin Gallery
June 15 - June 16, 2019


Participation in the Great Game

We need to field a huge number of figures. We will achieve this by having over eighty wargamers come and play for the week-end and bring the figures they will game with. Additional figures will be provided by sponsors loaning their collections and in the form of units painted by veterans groups and others over the months leading up to the wargame.

Players will be participating at the Brigade level. They will typically have three or four battalions and a battery of guns. Each battalion will be split into three 24-man units (as defined by Black Powder). So, for example, a player with three battalions in their brigade would provide nine 24-man units of infantry (for a total of 216 figures) and a battery of three guns. Some-one with four battalions in their brigade would be fielding 12 units of infantry, with a total of 288 figures.

Detailed instructions on basing and painting will be issued once you are accepted into the game. We will be as pragmatic and helpful as possible in this area.

If you are a wargamer with an interest in the Napoleonic period, and you would like to take part in this unique venture over one weekend in Glasgow in 2019? How do you join up?

To get in touch simply fill out the form on our contact page. One of our organising group will get back to you and acknowledge your contact. We will then get back in touch with you to discuss your individual preferences and whether we can accommodate them, in terms of the historic Order of Battle.

On the form, we would be grateful if you would indicate what troops you would like to field. You will have more chance of being immediately accepted for the game if you have less common troops such as Dutch-Belgians or Prussians. Alternatively, you might like to indicate that whilst you have French Imperial Guard, you would be willing to paint up a brigade of troops as asked for by the organisers of The Great Game, or you can indicate alternative brigades in your collection which you might be prepared to bring. If you wish, you can indicate that you will be coming with, say, four friends, but we will then need their names, email addresses, and the five brigades that you collectively propose to field.

The ticket price for players is £40 for the weekend, much of which will go to the Waterloo Uncovered charity, while this fund will also assist in covering the costs incurred in staging the Great Game (this is a not for profit event). We also have a ‘Just Giving’ site for those who simply wish to donate to the charity. We very much hope that you will be able to donate in order to assist the work of Waterloo Uncovered.

There will be a unique ticketed social event on the Friday or Saturday night that you may wish to attend. More details of this in due course.

We are currently exploring the possibility of university accommodation for participants at a reasonable rate. Alternatively, Glasgow has a wide range of accommodation to suit all pockets.


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